Sunday, June 1, 2008

School is Done! I have a 3rd Grader

The school year is over and Sydney is so smart... She made Honor Roll and on her SAT 10 got 50% in reading and 91% in math measuring with her other students. But this is just the beginning of the story. She is already an activist and thinking about her future. While visiting with her Gam-Mommy, she was analyzing the flow of traffic. When she gets older if the on and off ramps were not fixed where peole could wreck, she would fix it. Plus, the trip up to Columbus, GA is where her activist heart and mind are centered. We drove by a lumbermill in Havana, FL where she saw all the trees waiting to be processed. It was then that she stated firmly, "people should not cut down trees unless they plant them". That people are destroying the animal homes, she said, "you know the animals are not really bother us". She thinks it should already be a law that you can only cut the trees that you plant. Sydney is going to do something about this if it comes down to it. She is going to be the lawyer that will FIX IT. My opinionated almost honest to a fault girl will make a difference. My dad said to my mom when I was young and strong spirited, that they just needed to direct me down the correct path and all would be good. If not then we are in trouble, he said. I feel the same way about this beautiful angel of mine!! Sydney Roberta Smith.... AKA Environmentalist Lawyer in the making! She will do it... It's in her blood! Go Sydney!

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