Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get Results! Leadership Academy

Below are points that caught my attention in Rob Falvo's and are in no particular order.

  • It's all about Results when it comes to the destination.
  • Have the destination in mind before starting journey.
  • Be best leader you can be.
  • It's about getting people I'm responsible for to be the best they can be.
  • I'm a coach and I'm also a player... Mgr is coach Reps are players.
  • Coach is only as good as the players they have on their team.
  • Leadership is a lifestyle choice. I've made that lifestyle choice. BB will sure tell you that I have when it comes to our house. He will say, if Mommy's not happy then no one is happy.
  • "If through learning, I'm through." john wooden
  • From Harvard Business Review podcast, "you can learn from stupid people, just learn what not to do".
  • That's not who I am but that's who I was.... (Sarcastic voice) Wow, someone can change. (Serious voice) I believe that life is all about learning and improving. So, we all have had hurdles to overcome and some did. Sometime is was just crawled over, but you made the improvement. Yeah and congrats to you for bettering yourself!
Rob provided four improvement tips:

  1. Be coachable
  2. Be committed to life of learning/improving
  3. Study lives of great people
  4. Develop weekly system of getting more knowledge. For example: read 10 mins a day or subscribe to podcasts listen while driving.


For the past few days, I have been at LDS School. No that's not Latter-day Saint School. Which I personally thought it was a neat similarity when I started working for AIL but actually it stands for Leadership Development School.

I learned so many leadership applications and will proceed to share in my following posts over the next few days. I have been looking for this type of knowledge and it is wonderful that my company have these services within house that can help me improve. No matter how many books I listen to or read it is always great to have an in-person experience. Just like the time I got to meet Zig Zigler. What an honor!

Side note: "It's not the terrible two's but the terrific two's, the terrific threes and fabulous fours." Which was something Zig said on a tape my mom once listened too, which to me it means, always look for the positive of the experience. Then when Sydney was those ages, I applied that to my parenting and we went through the terrific two's!

Then another quote I heard at the Tallahassee Civic Center was, "Make your car an Automobile University". To always be learning and I have tried too do this in my life.

It was energizing to hear other people that are leading my company are doing the same too.

So..... AIL has a few of our own Zig's and ihad the opportunity to soak up some great tips. For the purpose of this blog, the following people are the ones I will share some great golden nuggets: Rob Falvo, Scott Smith, Larry Strong, Dom Bertini and Susan Fuldauer.

The theme was: EMPOWERED.

For-which I do feel very much empowered. Get ready Central and Northern Florida!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing keep away

After Family Branch Night, we found the kids playing keep away outside.
It was like a traditional family outing to me.
Then when we tell then it's time to go, it's who can get to the car he fastest.
It's a race to the car!
I do believe Sydney had the upper hand because she was much closer.
It's a race to the car!
Now, I just love my iPad since I have found apps that make my blogging after and therefore easier. I am in love with YouTube too. Since, I just take tins of pictures, it is better to make into a video instead of posting all of them.

P.S. the kid in the middle is Nick. Son of Sydney and Conner's favorite people at church. Syd likes James and Conner Sister Barber.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Visiting Teaching conf.

What a wonderful day at church. Look at the creative decorations.

I was even on the program.

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 5th party

Bonnie and Ray have a 4th of July Party each year.  Last year, it was skipped because of the wedding.  So, this year they had the party.  Sydney and Anslley got all dressed up and were the waiteress'/hostesses.
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Storm Rolling in from the mountains

 I grabbed a few pictures of the rainstorm that caused us to get off the lake. 
Look at the beautiful emerald color water.

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Lake Chatuga, July 2012

'The Girls' and The Blitch Bro's went out on the lake.
What cute girls!!
Handsome Blitch Bro's
The Blitch Bro's Women (LOL)

Locks of Love

I cut my hair. I like it very much...
I did an "A-symmetrical Inverted Bob."
I was able to give my hair to Locks of Love because it was long enough.

Grandma & 'the girls'

Grandma and 'the girls' pause for a picture before they head to roller skating.  Beautiful!

I frenchbraided their hair.  I can officially say that I learned how to do it.
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Painting Bottles in Hiawassee, GA

For part of the week we were in July, 'the girls' painted bottles.  They all did a great job.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Neat Sayings....

Funny sayings that Billy & I saw these on our day out
July 2, 12.

Monday, July 9, 2012

We made it a year. New pictures of wedding.

All the guests!
Seeing his beautiful bride walk into the chapel!
The look in my face of how excited and happy I am to be marrying Billy

Also, not seen before pictures.... Courtesy of carriestroudphotography.

Ringing the bell!
I knew we would make it. We had a wonderful day just spending time by ourselves in Hiawassee, Ga. Didn't take a picture of us, we did go to our little place on the lake and I took some great pictures.

The shoes.... Have to have picture of shoes.