Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cookies for 2010

Making cookies this year was fun! It was great to have time to make them and what was really neat was to be creative in the cookies and in the packaging. Melinda helped pick the cookies to make this year and helped make them too. Had the help of the girls also!

And then there were more....

P.S. Have already made my list for next year because this year was very time consuming only making a few and they are:

  1. Cheese Straws/Discs- Sue's Recipe which will get posted later.
  2. Peanut Butter Balls- Like Reese's
  3. Fudge- Mom's Recipe
  4. Healthy Item- Undecided because have to have SOMETHING NOT planned out.

Counting Down to Christmas

This post has been a post that I wanted to write for a while now. However, because of gift reasons I haven't been able to post and then when I could the time was not there to post. For Christmas I made Count Down Blocks for all my brothers and their families. Then, I shipped them on the Monday after Thanksgiving with ALL of my other presents. Couldn't believe that I was honestly done with Christmas Shopping by Thanksgiving. But that didn't keep me away from the stores. I still went and enjoyed shopping for more people that were not even on my list and more presents for Sydney (I bought a few items for myself also)

Green and Navy- Aaron and Carrie's Family (Because trendy colors)
Pink shades- David and Jacie's Family (Because of all the girls)
Navy and White/Gray- Rob & McKenna's Family (Suppose to be their school colors, we can pretend that I got that correct. :D)