Sunday, December 26, 2010

Counting Down to Christmas

This post has been a post that I wanted to write for a while now. However, because of gift reasons I haven't been able to post and then when I could the time was not there to post. For Christmas I made Count Down Blocks for all my brothers and their families. Then, I shipped them on the Monday after Thanksgiving with ALL of my other presents. Couldn't believe that I was honestly done with Christmas Shopping by Thanksgiving. But that didn't keep me away from the stores. I still went and enjoyed shopping for more people that were not even on my list and more presents for Sydney (I bought a few items for myself also)

Green and Navy- Aaron and Carrie's Family (Because trendy colors)
Pink shades- David and Jacie's Family (Because of all the girls)
Navy and White/Gray- Rob & McKenna's Family (Suppose to be their school colors, we can pretend that I got that correct. :D)

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