Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spent a day at beach

Billy and I went to the beach for first time this summer. Beautiful day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making beef jerky

So my beef jerky went up by $3.00 a container, so I decided to try and make some. Its in the oven now!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Bowl- Go Patriots 2.5.2012

 We decorated for the 2012 Super Bowl.  Patriots vs. Giants.  We wanted the Patriots to win and thought that they might just pull it off.  But in the end it was Eli Manning and the Giants that won 21-17.
Computer Screen

Backdoor decoration

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Act more like dogs

Our favorite video that has brought us (Billy and me) so much laughter and smiles.

Coach Bennett Press Conference,  "Act Like a Dog!"

Coastal Carolina Head Coach David Bennett

Billy Got Baptized 11.23.11

On November 23rd, 2011, William Ray Blitch was baptized by Elder Cornelius who also gave the baptism talk.  Elder Bitton gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Others present were Conner, Branch President Holland and me (Carmella).   Billy only wanted the least amount of people there.  We sang, "I am a Child of God".  Billy started investigating the church in the Fall 2011 with Elder Cole Brian (Billy's 1st Missionary) who finished his mission and is now living in S. Utah and Elder Hunter (Who grew up in a part member family.  Having this experience at the beginning of our marriage was extremely helpful seeing the product of someone from a part member family successful.). Elder Brian and Elder Hunter had a huge impact on his conversion to the LDS Gospel.  Elder Cornelius, Bitton and Fetika were the next set of missionaries to teach and two were there at his baptism (Cornelius & Bitton- Duh they have the talks, lol).

Billy was baptized in the Quincy, FL Branch Building.

For his gift of being baptized, I gave him a gold key chain with the date on it as a remembrance of the day. Present Holland gave him a full set of scriptures that included The Holy  Bible and Book of Mormon (Triple Edition).  For Christmas, I also got him a case to carry them in to church.  I am beyond blessed that he joined the church.  Billy's membership has made our marriage stronger and most importantly made him a happier and better person.  Our next goal is to be married in the Nauvoo, Illinois LDS Temple in November 2012 (see last picture). 
You can tell he is happy!  (Side note: I look amazing!!!)
Elder Cornelius, Billy, Elder Bitton
Conner and Dad (Conner didn't want to be seen)
Nauvoo, Illinois LDS Temple where we want to be sealed in November 2012.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A bit of Easter in HIAWASSEE

We spent Easter in Hiawassee, GA. Here are some pictures of the decorations.