Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Going the distance to keep Santa alive

Sydney is 8 years old and she believes Santa is so real. It has taken much reinforcement over the years and it is still working.

Let me share two experiences over the years.

In 2006, I purchased some items that were missing some pieces from Wal-mart. Gees what should I do? We had to get that fixed. I told Sydney that when Santa came by he told me that if they were missing any pieces, we could take to Wal-mart because they had similar toys. She went for it. So we went to Wal-mart together because it was her toy. As we get to the Customer Service, I wondered what I was going to do because I was going to have to show the receipt. Well, I put the toy on the counter and quickly placed the receipt in front of the clerk and proceed to tell her the following, "When Santa came, he told me if we had any problems with the toys we could bring them to Wal-mart and they would take care of it and let us get new ones." She went along and we were able to exchange the toy and get ones that worked. Sydney still believed and had no reason to think otherwise.

In 2008, we went to a Christmas party. We had a visitor, Santa Claus. The adults were doing the adult things about talking up Santa.... Sydney was not impressed. She is too analytical. During this visit two things happened:
1) Santa's boots were not real, they were Dock Martins with black plastic wrapped around his calf's to make it look like he was wearing books. She was like, that is not Santa because his boots are not real.
2) Then the adults were asking her if she was excited that Santa was going to come and visit. Sydney responded that it was not Santa because he is too busy and would not be leaving the North Pole. She did give the list of what she wanted.... A washboard and tub to the Santa but it was obvious she knew it was not the real Santa. But she played along. Too busy, what child thinks about that? Too busy? It all works out with the Santa helpers and all.

Afterwards, she is still believing. We have gone the distance to keep Santa alive! She won't be told otherwise. :D) Today, when I spoke to her I also mentioned that some of the items she requested would most likely be split between her dad's house and mine. She responded that she understood and then said that Santa doesn't always get everything that we want because we have to share with others.

I just love my little girl and her bright mind! She is so faithful and believing.


BTW, she is eight and today she called to complain about her dad. Eight going on thirteen. I told her that we all have hard days and that her dad was having a hard day. It meant a bunch to me to have her call and share her feelings with me. She had become a big talker on the telephone.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Card 2008

So, I am doing a Christmas card. Need to go and pick them up at the store. I am so excited to be doing a picture card. It is the first one that I have ever done. Thank you Carrie for taking the pictures!
If you would like a hard copy email me or send me a comment with your address. Love you all!!!

Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do

For some one that took singing lessons in High School because my best friend told me not to sing in the YW program now is in charge of the music in Primary. From using Sign Language when the YW sang in church instead of using my voice because it was sooooo terrible, I am now teaching children to sing and direct the music during Sacrament.

So, of the callings I have had in the past, this is one that scared me out of my comfort zone. However, it was a great experience to feel the tested feeling and still is. Before I walked in the door, I thought I was going to crash and burn. But, that did not happen and everyone had fun including me!

Looking for more ideas to do with the kids, so if you have any cool ideas let me know. Thank goodness for the websites.... is a great resource plus Christy's Clipart.

How long did it take Rome to be built?

That is what I have felt like today. I want it all today, but I have to climb the brick wall or knock it down (reference to All pumped up!!! an earlier post). It is a learning process. Today, I got some business but lost some business. Loosing business is not fun because you had money in your pocket but it got pulled back out.

Learn from mistakes. I knew this already but I messed up. I had someone give me the wrong account number and forgot to verify the bank. So, when I called back to get the information her mind was changed. Dang it! She was a great sell! Next time, I will double check my work and make a note for what I need to check off and need to slow down.

As a good note: they say I am doing great! It is a learning experience. Justin heard me on the phone today and gave me pointers that I need to slow down and make that friend. Put emotion into the program. Which, I have felt like I am missing the emotion. So, focusing on this improvement.

So I remind myself... be patience because in the end it will pay off. Yeah! I am going to be able to spend time with Sydney... ;D) VERY VERY SOON!!! None of this, "I miss you mommy" coming from Sydney. Have rectified that problem.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa List

Sydney we need to write a letter or do a video. Sydney said, "but, mom why?" Carmella said, "Sydney santa needs to know what you want for Christmas." Sydney said, "Mom, but why, because he always gets me the best stuff without needing a list."

Carmella... Oh no! What have we got going on now.

....Carrie, if you want to grammer correct... just email me the corrections. LOL....

Friday, December 5, 2008

All Pumped Up!!! All Pumped Up!!

I am so excited about the direction of my career. It is amazing the way in which the lord prepares us. Today was a great day for me because I was in Atlanta, GA for some training and motivation. It worked.

So, I am going to explain what I got out of the session. (Below are some of my huge personal goals. Ones that I really want to see but could seem a bit crazy, but I want it!!!)
  • $500,000 a year in 2018 (10 years)
  • $100,000 saved in the bank in 2012 (4 years)

Here is what I heard that motivated me....

  • Seeing is Believing
  • Can't win if you can't control your emotions
  • It is all mental
  • Justin issued $75,000 in business 3 months which is the first 3 months that the telesales started.
  • Never Quit and Believe in self, you have to believe in yourself. To Be Successful
  • Choose to be somebody
  • Believe in self
  • Make your story!
  • Flush the Junk!!!
  • It is all DREAMING and BELIEVING
  • Keep business on the books
  • Inspect what expect
  • Build my pocket
  • Need Owners not stockholders
  • Got something to prove, prove it!
  • It is your business. Treat it like your business
  • If you hire someone and let them flounder is not good, need to be the cheerleader
  • If it is to be..... it is up to me!
  • Raising the Bar (this is familiar to us LDS members)
  • Brick walls are there to prove how much we want it! love this!!! :D)
  • From a video.... "Let us express your creativity", "Love people verses things", "Decide early on whether you are a TIGGER and Eore"....I wish that I could get this across to Sydney. It is interesting that this all came up because I was even thinking that Sydney needed to watch more Winni the Pooh the other day. This could have been a sign for me to look at focusing a bit more on that show because of the positivity it has with the characters.
  • How do you achieve your childhood dreams is by living properly with them in focus and your dreams will come true. Sounds like a Disney line. Love it!

Oh beside the extremely long post... There is a Push Month for cash after Christmas. I set a personal goal for $25,000 in policies written for December and if I reach this goal... Then I will get between a $1,300 to $1625 bucks of bonus cash in addition to the money I will make on the business.