Friday, December 5, 2008

All Pumped Up!!! All Pumped Up!!

I am so excited about the direction of my career. It is amazing the way in which the lord prepares us. Today was a great day for me because I was in Atlanta, GA for some training and motivation. It worked.

So, I am going to explain what I got out of the session. (Below are some of my huge personal goals. Ones that I really want to see but could seem a bit crazy, but I want it!!!)
  • $500,000 a year in 2018 (10 years)
  • $100,000 saved in the bank in 2012 (4 years)

Here is what I heard that motivated me....

  • Seeing is Believing
  • Can't win if you can't control your emotions
  • It is all mental
  • Justin issued $75,000 in business 3 months which is the first 3 months that the telesales started.
  • Never Quit and Believe in self, you have to believe in yourself. To Be Successful
  • Choose to be somebody
  • Believe in self
  • Make your story!
  • Flush the Junk!!!
  • It is all DREAMING and BELIEVING
  • Keep business on the books
  • Inspect what expect
  • Build my pocket
  • Need Owners not stockholders
  • Got something to prove, prove it!
  • It is your business. Treat it like your business
  • If you hire someone and let them flounder is not good, need to be the cheerleader
  • If it is to be..... it is up to me!
  • Raising the Bar (this is familiar to us LDS members)
  • Brick walls are there to prove how much we want it! love this!!! :D)
  • From a video.... "Let us express your creativity", "Love people verses things", "Decide early on whether you are a TIGGER and Eore"....I wish that I could get this across to Sydney. It is interesting that this all came up because I was even thinking that Sydney needed to watch more Winni the Pooh the other day. This could have been a sign for me to look at focusing a bit more on that show because of the positivity it has with the characters.
  • How do you achieve your childhood dreams is by living properly with them in focus and your dreams will come true. Sounds like a Disney line. Love it!

Oh beside the extremely long post... There is a Push Month for cash after Christmas. I set a personal goal for $25,000 in policies written for December and if I reach this goal... Then I will get between a $1,300 to $1625 bucks of bonus cash in addition to the money I will make on the business.

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