Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How long did it take Rome to be built?

That is what I have felt like today. I want it all today, but I have to climb the brick wall or knock it down (reference to All pumped up!!! an earlier post). It is a learning process. Today, I got some business but lost some business. Loosing business is not fun because you had money in your pocket but it got pulled back out.

Learn from mistakes. I knew this already but I messed up. I had someone give me the wrong account number and forgot to verify the bank. So, when I called back to get the information her mind was changed. Dang it! She was a great sell! Next time, I will double check my work and make a note for what I need to check off and need to slow down.

As a good note: they say I am doing great! It is a learning experience. Justin heard me on the phone today and gave me pointers that I need to slow down and make that friend. Put emotion into the program. Which, I have felt like I am missing the emotion. So, focusing on this improvement.

So I remind myself... be patience because in the end it will pay off. Yeah! I am going to be able to spend time with Sydney... ;D) VERY VERY SOON!!! None of this, "I miss you mommy" coming from Sydney. Have rectified that problem.

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