Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carmella's Creed

Written 7/6/2005
Felt a need to make sure it is in record other than in my scriptures.
I created this when I needed to have my life focus on special items.
I still need to do this and will try to live by this creed that I
wrote for myself.

No matter how hard- I have to be: Fairthful, Choose the Right, Endure.
Even if bad things happen to me.
I am living for eternity

"Oh Lord? Oh Lord, give ME strength according to MY faith which is in
Christ, even unto MY deliverance." Alma 14:26 (18-28)


-- I am single woman, see and watch me do it." 7/6/05 --

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I just wanted to record in history that today is 10/10/10.  It is a neat date.  Sydney reminded me this week that we were going to have this cool date.  Only a few more cool dates like this (11/11/11 and 12/12/12).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Birthday

So the family celebrated my birthday a week later but ALL weekend long. LONG LIVE 34 years of age. The year of the Dragon and Libra sign.


Mom and Tudy came in town. We had cake when Mom and Tudy arrived! We all sat around and talked. Caught up on TV shows and visited with friends who came to visit. One of those friends was Mauricio (plus Lailana and Ovidio) who my mom convinced to make all of us Breakfast.
Saturday Mauricio & Lailani came over and made a traditional Salvo Breakfast with eggs, beans, fried plantains, cream and cheese! Love it! Mom said that I have turned Hispanic like she turned Italian from my dad. Quincy, FL has turned me into a lover of Central American Food! I will take that! :D) I didn't take pictures of the food but here is something similar to what it looked like. I made the tortillas and got a compliment on how well they were done. Also a same picture too. :D)
SAMPLE Picture
I made the homemade Tortillas!
It was also General Conference. For the first time in a VERY VERY LONG time, I stayed at home for GC. During which I made all the decorations for Fall.


We had a GREAT Crab/Seafood Low Country Boil. Mariwilla came over from Tallahassee to celebrate with us also! Another time I forgot to take a picture. :D) Fun Times!!!!

Decor for Halloween...

Got this really awesome magazine for Halloween ideas and have created them. Below are pictures of what I did. Thank you Woman's Day for these great Halloween ideas! (Believe that I got my money's worth buying this magazine at $2.99 for issue.)

O' to the Candy Corn Mantle!Candy Corn Twigs with Fall Place matsFall Wreath made by Annette Stroud (MOM)