Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carmella's Creed

Written 7/6/2005
Felt a need to make sure it is in record other than in my scriptures.
I created this when I needed to have my life focus on special items.
I still need to do this and will try to live by this creed that I
wrote for myself.

No matter how hard- I have to be: Fairthful, Choose the Right, Endure.
Even if bad things happen to me.
I am living for eternity

"Oh Lord? Oh Lord, give ME strength according to MY faith which is in
Christ, even unto MY deliverance." Alma 14:26 (18-28)


-- I am single woman, see and watch me do it." 7/6/05 --

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Odie Langley said...

Good morning Carmella,
I wasn't blogging back then so it good to see your creed today. Hope you and Sydney are both doing well and happy. Linda & I just got back from a cruise a week ago and of course it was fun. It was a Carnival cruise on the Glory to Nasau & Freeport.
I just checked out Rob & McKenna's site and they are a lovely couple. I told Rob I hope the baby is born on the 24th since that is my birthday. He is really excited about dedicating a friends baby. Hope to hear from you again soon. I have pictures of my cruise at there are 3 groups in all.