Monday, November 26, 2012

My first project from Pinterest

I created my first project. It looks good for first wreath. I have always loved wreath but never felt creative enough to make. Always had my mom help. This time it was all me.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brasstown Craft Fair & Decorating Mtn Home

The first place gingerbread house at Brasstown. Then after a swim we had a wonderful lunch at our favorite pasta buffet with soup and salad.  It was fun to sit at the fireplace afterwards too.  The ladies went to the craft fair and the men sat and waited at the area where the fireplace was in the lobby.  Sydney had a fun time speaking with the people that did the wooden bowls and walking sticks.  She stood and watched then asked some great questions.  When I asked her why she was so interested in the wood working, she said she felt like she was being a reporter.  She asked how they got into making the bowls, what do they do with the wood chips, and how long does it take to make a bowl are some that I know she asked.

Syd asking questions
This is Tiny Tim on the left.  He is 42 years old. He is the first ornament they bought and Billy would play with it every year. 
The ornament on the left Great Grandma G. Treadwell made and the one on the right is made by Grandma Bonnie Blitch.
 This is another made by Great Grandma Treadwell and the one below shows her initials and that it was made in 1983.
 Below we have Sydney and Grandma Bonnie at the mini tree.  Sydney decorated this little tree.  Then she untangled these little boxes of gifts to put below.

 Florida Santa Stocking Holder that we found for $1.00 at a Thrift Shop in Hiawassee, GA on Shop Small Business Saturday. 
 The Christmas Tree is decorated in the mountains... Now we have one to get down for GamMommy Stroud and one for our Quincy Home.
 OH, we had to play around with the decorated gift boxes that Sydney untangled before putting under the mini tree.  See the beautiful gals decorating the Blitch Mountain House this weekend. (The men did help by getting all the Christmas stuff out of the storage area on Friday because Saturday they were watching the  Thanksgiving College Football Games and didn't want to be bothered.)

 Oops, I wish someone would have said that my hair was a bit messy.

Thanksgiving from Pinterest

We did two things that I pulled from Pinterest this year for Thanksgiving.  A fruit turkey and a waffle cone and m&m cornucopia.

Photos on Turkey Day 2012

We took time for a few pictures and with our simple click and shoot turned out great!  I think this is one of the best pictures we have taken. 

I was able to get Sydney to smile for one picture too.

Father and Son campout, Blitch Style

Last weekend, it was very cold outside and Conner wanted to watch a movie at home.  So, Billy created a palette to lay on in front of the fire and we watched, "The Grinch" with Jim Carrey. 
Good old wholesome fun! 11/16/2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sydney at her RAA Chamber Choir

A wonderful evening of singing at RAA Middle School.  
The really interesting part of us being able to attend this and Sydney to even being in the choir is...... This school year Sydney is taking band and high school level Spanish therefore she couldn't take chorus. If you aren't in chorus then you can't participate in outside of school chorus activities.... Sydney wanted to sing so badly that she begged Mrs. Prescott at the beginning of the year to allow her to be in the choir. I don't know how many times Sydney continued to ask but it must have been enough times because she sang.

Determination that makes me so proud of her. She wants to be Music Therapist so she is smart to do as much as she can with music singing and learning instruments. Then since we live in Florida it only makes sense to learn Spanish and learn it well. A talent to have as she wants to serve a mission.

Billy, Conner, Thomas, Beth, David and myself attended.

Have videos too...

Fall Colors

I love the fall colors! It's kinda weird if ya think about it though... The leaves are dying and it's beautiful but in the spring the trees have a rebirth.

It's amazing to me how this earth works. I will give my praise and a grateful heart to a wonderful God and to his son.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mother taught

Remember who you are and what you represent.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

smoked meat... yummy





Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Election Day

 On November 6th, I was up early helping monitor polls.  Here are two pictures I was able to get taken at the end of the day.  The most interesting part of my day was that the poll workers couldn't figure out what 100 feet was and I went and purchased a measuring tape so that I could help figure it out correctly.  They had me across the street behind trees.  When actually it was not even across the street, but I was nice and went across the street.  It was so cold.
I liked both pictures so I posted both.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Greek Food Festival

So fun! We went to the Annual Greek Food Festival... Yummy to my tummy. It think I enjoyed the most.  It really was great going all together. We just switched when we get the kids so instead of getting on Friday, it starts on Wednesday. Well, Sydney starts on Wednesday and maybe soon Conner can.  He came over Thursday because Daddy Ray was visiting.