Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brasstown Craft Fair & Decorating Mtn Home

The first place gingerbread house at Brasstown. Then after a swim we had a wonderful lunch at our favorite pasta buffet with soup and salad.  It was fun to sit at the fireplace afterwards too.  The ladies went to the craft fair and the men sat and waited at the area where the fireplace was in the lobby.  Sydney had a fun time speaking with the people that did the wooden bowls and walking sticks.  She stood and watched then asked some great questions.  When I asked her why she was so interested in the wood working, she said she felt like she was being a reporter.  She asked how they got into making the bowls, what do they do with the wood chips, and how long does it take to make a bowl are some that I know she asked.

Syd asking questions
This is Tiny Tim on the left.  He is 42 years old. He is the first ornament they bought and Billy would play with it every year. 
The ornament on the left Great Grandma G. Treadwell made and the one on the right is made by Grandma Bonnie Blitch.
 This is another made by Great Grandma Treadwell and the one below shows her initials and that it was made in 1983.
 Below we have Sydney and Grandma Bonnie at the mini tree.  Sydney decorated this little tree.  Then she untangled these little boxes of gifts to put below.

 Florida Santa Stocking Holder that we found for $1.00 at a Thrift Shop in Hiawassee, GA on Shop Small Business Saturday. 
 The Christmas Tree is decorated in the mountains... Now we have one to get down for GamMommy Stroud and one for our Quincy Home.
 OH, we had to play around with the decorated gift boxes that Sydney untangled before putting under the mini tree.  See the beautiful gals decorating the Blitch Mountain House this weekend. (The men did help by getting all the Christmas stuff out of the storage area on Friday because Saturday they were watching the  Thanksgiving College Football Games and didn't want to be bothered.)

 Oops, I wish someone would have said that my hair was a bit messy.

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