Sunday, June 24, 2012

Navy Museum, Eglin AFB 6/21/12

Went to Eglin AFB to get a mailing out. While waiting for the president to meet me, I took some pictures of the planes. It was neat to do the labeling at picnic table around these mighty planes. Just image all the stories that are in the planes. Maybe one day we can go as a family and find out about some of those stories. It was honoring to have the opportunity to be that close to those machines that have fought for freedom for me and all my love ones.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zip Lines in the Trees at the Jr. Museum 6 16 2012

Yesterday,  Billy and I took the kids to the Tallahassee Museum aka The Jr. Museum. They have a new what I would define as a High Ropes Course.  It was a nice penny for them to participate and we feel blessed to be able to offer them the experience. Sydney liked it so much that she wants to save the money to go on the advance course.  Conner said he would do it again also and a few more inches and he can do the advance course too.  What I am excited about the Top of the Trees Program is that it has revitalized the Tallahassee Museum.

Here are pictures that I took 

Then I also took video....

2012 Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day.  The kids did a fabulous job making the cards for Billy.  I wish I had a picture of the den while they were making the cards because there was wrapping and scrapbook paper all over the table and floor.  It was a disaster!  But, they completely cleaned it up and then did an additional item.

They folded the two loads of laundry.  In our home chores, they have to fold the towels and their clothes.  But, they folded all of them.  They are growing up!

The Homemade Cards 

The gifts the kids got Billy.  Conner got Mitt Romney book and Sydney got two sunglasses cords

Lastly, we can't forget the Crown! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We have the crazy dog!  Billy calls him, "Short Bus". Copper can run and jump on the bed but if he doesn't do that, he will stand and want someone to help him get up.  When we show tough love, he will eventually climb up on the bed.  So, after seeing it happen so many times, I decided to see if I could video him doing his climb.  You can see he argued with me but he eventually go up on the bed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sydney had a chorus practice 3 10 2012

We went and watched Sydney get instructed on how to sing.  It was fun watching her.  I was proud of her.  She was the person that announced the song they were going to sing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Georgia Peanuts

Tonight I had a lesson on how rice is grown and harvested. I learned that I could grow in 5 gallon bucket and it takes 110 days. It is amazing how much work goes into growing rice. I looked for a picture to see how much rice is produced in one acre which is 8,000 pounds but couldn't find a picture. But 8,000 is equal to 4 tons. Wow! Why, did I have a lesson? Well, I had buttered rice and always wondered how it was grown. I knew it was grown in water and that was the extent of my knowledge. So, I looked online about how it was done. So, when you want to learn something, I turn to the web.

This made me think about all that my grandfather did to grow peanuts. So, I found an awesome YouTube video to show what he had to do in Ga.


Girls Camp Skit Prep

In the middle of June, Sydney goes to her first year. She was responsible For making two signs. I got picture of one of them. They have glitter over the marker letters.

She did great preparing. It was fun to see her be so excited about ING something. She will have a blast at camp. Which I am going for the first day. Yeah!

Copper again

Another crazy thing he does....

Turtle project by Conner

Conner wanted to do a project. School was out for summer but he still wanted to do his Science Project. He did it on Turtles. I supplied board and glitter glue. He did all the rest. The research and setup for project. He did an awesome job!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Copper drinking water

Billy is always saying that I am treating Copper like a person. Maybe so, but I don't think that I would let a person drink from the shower.


French Fry

We have a turtle. Named French Fry. I guess because he his small.