Monday, June 11, 2012

Georgia Peanuts

Tonight I had a lesson on how rice is grown and harvested. I learned that I could grow in 5 gallon bucket and it takes 110 days. It is amazing how much work goes into growing rice. I looked for a picture to see how much rice is produced in one acre which is 8,000 pounds but couldn't find a picture. But 8,000 is equal to 4 tons. Wow! Why, did I have a lesson? Well, I had buttered rice and always wondered how it was grown. I knew it was grown in water and that was the extent of my knowledge. So, I looked online about how it was done. So, when you want to learn something, I turn to the web.

This made me think about all that my grandfather did to grow peanuts. So, I found an awesome YouTube video to show what he had to do in Ga.


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