Sunday, March 9, 2008

She is Baptized!

Sydney is baptized on March 9, 2008 in Quincy, FL at the Quincy Ward Building located off Hwy 267 near the Post Office.

It was a good day and a bad day for me. She was great! It was all nicely planned. It was only a few people allowed to be there that day. Those on the program were the only people allowed to attend, as this was per Sydney's request. She was scared of everyone's eye's watching her.


Presiding Bishop Decembrino
Conducting (Dad) Thomas Smith
Opening Song: “I am a child of God”
Opening Prayer: George Smith
Baptism Talk: (Mom) Carmella Stroud
Baptism of Sydney: David Stroud
Witnesses: George Smith & Brother Zabriskie
Changing Time: Gam-Mommy play people’s favorite songs.
Holy Ghost Talk:: Jacie Stroud
Confirming of Holy Ghost: David Stroud & other priesthood holders
Welcome into the Church: Bishop Decembrino
Welcome to Primary: Sister Hackney
Closing Song: “Scripture Power”
Closing Prayer: Sister Zabriskie
Photography provided by Beth Smith
Music provided by Liz Smith and Annette Stroud

I had a hard time with this because my thoughts had rested on this day for many years. In 2001, when the divorce was final I thought.... I will find someone by 2008 to be married to and they will be able to baptize my baby girl. That was not the case and it was not God's plan for this day.

But, God knows what is best for everyone and it is his time plan we are living on not our own.