Monday, May 30, 2011

Billy's Birthday Dinner

Today I made the Lasagna meal that I promise Billy for his birthday. Was a few days late but I was told it was awesome!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great quote

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Relaxing after a hard day of cleaning

We had a hard day of cleaning and then we chilled by going to Jeb's house for Hamburgers and then home to watch, "Field of Dreams". It was fun just spending time at home everyone.

Billy left the room and when he came back Conner & Sydney were sitting on my lap in the Lazy-Boy. He felt left out so they jumped all over him. I had to get a picture too. See his happy expression on his face!

See the fish faces! I missed the signal that we were making faces
We got ONE good picture that we took by ourselves. All the others we took about ten someones head was chopped off.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Update on Sydney's Hair

She got her hair cut today and had it straightened. I like it this length. Looks really nice on her. She likes it too! What a cute gal she is and what a cute pose.

Chorus Concert (5/10/2011)

Two times a week Sydney had to get to school early so that she could be in the Chorus. Here are some pictures of her performing.

Sydney and Conner
(Grandmother helped Sydney sew the poodleskirt she is wearing)

David giving Sydney flowers after her performance

Video of Sydney doing her part:

I thought it was really neat that Conner called to see if Sydney had a performance Tuesday night and if so he wanted to go. Plus Sydney called to see if Conner had a Baseball game or when it was so that she could attend. They are really getting along!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wacky Tacky Wednesday

Today was Wacky Tacky Wednesday. Sydney's last one in Elementary School. Her last Field Day is this Friday. She had a fun time dressing all crazy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(4/24/11) Easter with Blitch Family

Had a great time spending my Easter weekend with The Blitch Family.
Billy gives me an Easter present.
Billy and me
Billy and Conner
"Bonnie's Boys and Grand babies"
(Bonnie is Billy's Mom)

The Men Folk (Joey, Ray-Dad, Billy)
The Hunt Begins....
Prior to the hunt we did go to church, eat Easter Lunch and read my favorite Easter Story, "The Easterville Miracle" by Melody Carlson
. Talked to the children about what the importance of Easter really means. The eggs we were about to hunt represent new birth because Christ arose from the dead.
Conner Hunting
The Cousin's

(4/23/11) Dying Easter Eggs with Conner

Dying Eggs on Saturday. Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt.

I am an Aunt

Each of my brother's have children now and I am a VERY PROUD Aunt! As a Proud Aunt, I post my Niece's and Nephew (the token male).
Aaron and Carrie's daughter
Aaron and Carrie's sonDavid and Jacie's 3 girlsRob and McKenna's girlWe make pretty babies in my family!