Monday, June 20, 2011

Sydney Smoothed her hair

On Friday, Sydney got her hair smoothed or some would say "straighten". Provana Perfection Smoothing System. It really does help with not making her hair "fluffy" as Sydney would say. See the pictures! She was very happy with the results!
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Breakfast in Bed/No Chores/Day at Beach/Home Cooked Meal

Breakfast in Bed/No Chores/Day at Beach/Home Cooked Meal....these are thing that we did for Billy for Father's Day.

Conner took him breakfast in bed, he buttered the toast and went and got the newspaper for his dad. I cooked the sausage, egg and cut up the fresh pineapple.

Then after church, it was off to the beach to relax.... Billy and Conner threw the football which I actually participated in a bit. Conner built a great sandcastle while Billy and I got some rays.

Then it was home where I cooked Pork Tenderloin, Pan-Seared Aparagus and Roasted Potatoes. Dessert was fresh cut and very cold watermelon! Yummy!

To top it off....Billy said this was the best Father's Day he had ever had. He didn't have to do a single chore (I even took out the trash for him). For gifts, he got a Watch with a wireless Heart Rate Monitor, Picture framed with he and Conner fishing (very adorable) and boxers.

Great Day for All.
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Sydney tries on a dress (6/7/10)

Sydney and I went dress shopping a few weeks ago. We settled on the teal one because it was more appropriate. Can't believe that she is only eleven sometimes.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Oprah's Life Lessons Learned

Recently, as all the world knows, Oprah broadcast her last TV show. She offered some of her life lessons learned. Here are some Do It Tips to improve life....

  • Be responsible for the energy you bring to another or into a space.

  • All the energy you expend trying to hurt someone comes back to you as pain.

  • When you get it that you and no one else are responsible for your life, you will get free.

  • Release the shame.

  • Never lose you sense of gratitude for life and beauty and kindness and love.

  • Work to overcome the sense of unworthiness. You are worthy because you were born.

  • Every single person wants validation. Give it. Allow yourself to receive it.

  • Find a way to give some service to others.

  • Think of God, not as a name, but as a presence.

  • Be still and listen and know. Listen to the whispers in your life.

  • Stand up for your inner child who has been hurt. Identify the hurt, however buried, and release it.

  • Gratitude is what you should take away from experience.

  • Don’t say goodbye. Say until we meet again.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

National PTA Conf


This past week was me in Orlando, FL working the "Hang 10" Booth for AIL at the National PTA Conference. Below are captured moments in time. It was a very successful event and I really enjoyed visiting with my co-workers from around the USA.

Us working at the booth!

Me explaining the program to an attendee.

My Beautiful Director, Patti Morgan
Taking a break to check emails.
One evening we we went to Downtown Disney to eat at Bongo's, then we rode the water taxi back our car. But not until we had our Ghirardelli ice cream.
On the Water Taxi... Maricela, me and Patti