Friday, June 17, 2011

Oprah's Life Lessons Learned

Recently, as all the world knows, Oprah broadcast her last TV show. She offered some of her life lessons learned. Here are some Do It Tips to improve life....

  • Be responsible for the energy you bring to another or into a space.

  • All the energy you expend trying to hurt someone comes back to you as pain.

  • When you get it that you and no one else are responsible for your life, you will get free.

  • Release the shame.

  • Never lose you sense of gratitude for life and beauty and kindness and love.

  • Work to overcome the sense of unworthiness. You are worthy because you were born.

  • Every single person wants validation. Give it. Allow yourself to receive it.

  • Find a way to give some service to others.

  • Think of God, not as a name, but as a presence.

  • Be still and listen and know. Listen to the whispers in your life.

  • Stand up for your inner child who has been hurt. Identify the hurt, however buried, and release it.

  • Gratitude is what you should take away from experience.

  • Don’t say goodbye. Say until we meet again.


Odie Langley said...

All very good

pinkdragon said...

I really enjoyed reading these! Nice job!

Jessica said...

Hey, I have been reading some of your blog posts. You and your daughter a gorgeous! :) I'm super bummed that I missed the last of Oprah's show. I didn't really watch too much cause of work, but I caught a few and she was an inspriational person. I love these life lessons. I'm going to follow your blog, please feel free to do the same. I just a place for my thoughts, opinions and rants. Have a wonderful day!

wow account for sale said...

Cool! great quotes.. =)