Friday, August 28, 2009

Words a lady needs to hear sometimes

Sometimes in life us 'Ladies' need to hear compliments. A simple:
You are pretty
I like your eyes
Is that outfit new
You look great
You are beautiful
You do a great job at ________
Sometimes the, 'I love you' doesn't always mean as much. It matters how it is said too. There is so much negativity in the world that when we have a hard time, it is nice to be told something positive about ourselves. At least that is how the Stroud's work and all the women that I come in contact with. I have a favorite brother who likes to say, "I did a great job, didn't I". Praise is always good to hear even if it is coached in my book. So, here it is to all the women that don't hear what you need to hear from your man/men in your life....

You are SMART
You are looking AWESOME in that outfit.
Those colors make your EYES Pop!

Remember this women, we are all BEAUTIFUL inside and out.
MEN REMEMBER we need to HEAR that!
It's how we are made.
We can be hard on the outside but we are soft on the inside.
Treat us great and we will treat you great!

My mind is so scattered

My mind has been unfocused this week. Actually, since I got back from Utah. Maybe I went through a time warp while there that fried my brian cells. I don't like being focused.

I need my focus friend to help out.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Grand Tetons!

Wow! What a mtn range! Here are some pixs. In some you can see where the drown drops and that is where their were once Ice Glaciers.

Our drive out through YS south

We decided to stop at some placese that the tour guide suggested yesterday that we didn't have time to stop yesterday. We saw more bison too. We stopped at the Mud Valcano.

Circle of fire tour

The circle of fire tour is the bottom loop of YS. We saw old faithful, bison, falls, mud pots and more. Here are a few pixs of our adventure.... Oh btw I got my fire started in 10 mins or less and used only a few matches.

The elk and bison laying down were yesterday evening after Mammoth Hot Springs.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yellowstone pictures begin...

Some of the pix I took with palm.

Idaho Falls trip

Stopped in Idaho Falls to sleep. Arrived at 1:20 am. I was so sleepy 10mins out, then I saw the Idaho Falls Temple all lit up. Our room was only 1/2 mile from temple. So we drove around and saw it this morning and the falls too. Here are some of the pictures.

My view in Logan, Utah

This is a small sample of what my view is from my room in Logan, Utah.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yellowstone and Logan

This coming Aug. 12, I leave for a trip to UT that includes Logan, UT, Idaho Falls, ID and Yellowstone National Park.

I am siked! Finished making the plans today! Going to keep blog updated on our activities. It might seem like a whirlwind but its going to be a great whirlwind.

Our activities start with visiting with Robby in Logan and him getting sealed (married) in the Logan, Utah temple. Then we head to Idaho Falls for a short nap and then onto Yellowstone.

We are camping in Yellowstone with Yogi Bear! I think we might freeze our butts off. Hoping that David has the gear he says he has. I'm am excited to have the ability to take Sydney on this trip. Part of it has to be that NONE of it is going on a credit card and the other is for her to experience such an array of nature and its wonders.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Throughout our time on earth we have many events and when they come into our life its so important. I think that timing is so important to remember who is in charge, that's is GOD. When I face different experiences in my life I like to first thing that God has plans for me but more importantly, what can I learn from this experience.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August, Happy Birthday!

The month of August is a busy month for my family when it comes to birthday's
and anniversaries.
So today we celebrated some birthday's tonight. I bought the cake from "The Cake Shop" in Tallahassee, FL. It's my favorite places to get a birthday cake. We celebrated at Connie's house and had a nice dinner celebration.

Here is how our birthday's and anniversaries run in August:
1st- Aaron Stroud
3rd- Mariwilla Tindall
5th- Aaron and Carrie's Anniversary
8th- Tudy's (Elizabeth Shippey)
11th- Connie Rush
14th- Robby and McKenna's Anniversary (soon to be 2009)
20th- Kenny Rush
Happy Birthday &
Happy Anniversary
to everyone!