Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sydney at her RAA Chamber Choir

A wonderful evening of singing at RAA Middle School.  
The really interesting part of us being able to attend this and Sydney to even being in the choir is...... This school year Sydney is taking band and high school level Spanish therefore she couldn't take chorus. If you aren't in chorus then you can't participate in outside of school chorus activities.... Sydney wanted to sing so badly that she begged Mrs. Prescott at the beginning of the year to allow her to be in the choir. I don't know how many times Sydney continued to ask but it must have been enough times because she sang.

Determination that makes me so proud of her. She wants to be Music Therapist so she is smart to do as much as she can with music singing and learning instruments. Then since we live in Florida it only makes sense to learn Spanish and learn it well. A talent to have as she wants to serve a mission.

Billy, Conner, Thomas, Beth, David and myself attended.

Have videos too...

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