Thursday, July 26, 2012


For the past few days, I have been at LDS School. No that's not Latter-day Saint School. Which I personally thought it was a neat similarity when I started working for AIL but actually it stands for Leadership Development School.

I learned so many leadership applications and will proceed to share in my following posts over the next few days. I have been looking for this type of knowledge and it is wonderful that my company have these services within house that can help me improve. No matter how many books I listen to or read it is always great to have an in-person experience. Just like the time I got to meet Zig Zigler. What an honor!

Side note: "It's not the terrible two's but the terrific two's, the terrific threes and fabulous fours." Which was something Zig said on a tape my mom once listened too, which to me it means, always look for the positive of the experience. Then when Sydney was those ages, I applied that to my parenting and we went through the terrific two's!

Then another quote I heard at the Tallahassee Civic Center was, "Make your car an Automobile University". To always be learning and I have tried too do this in my life.

It was energizing to hear other people that are leading my company are doing the same too.

So..... AIL has a few of our own Zig's and ihad the opportunity to soak up some great tips. For the purpose of this blog, the following people are the ones I will share some great golden nuggets: Rob Falvo, Scott Smith, Larry Strong, Dom Bertini and Susan Fuldauer.

The theme was: EMPOWERED.

For-which I do feel very much empowered. Get ready Central and Northern Florida!


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