Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Girls!

(Heather, me, Jennifer, at YC -6/19-6/21)
Two great girls went to Youth Conference. They are smiling and got to dance with some really cute guys! It was my first youth conference that I have ever gone to and had a great time in the end. We stayed at Troy University in the dorms called Trojan Village (I know this place as Troy State because that is where my Aunt Connie went to college and that is what it is called).

(500 Youth attended from four stakes)
There were 500 youth that attended. One exciting conclusion was that the girls need me in their lives. They are willing to let me take pictures of them dancing with cute guys and be a part of their lives. They are important girls and need to feel the embrace of love from me and it is my responsibility to draw them toward the right direction for their future.

(The old girls: Crissy & Nikki)
At the dances some of my old girls that were 14 when I had them were now 17 and boy crazy. They are always around to give hugs and love me. Girls need love from males and females. It has been my great opportunity to work with the Young Women of a few wards and help develop these girls.

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