Monday, June 30, 2008

No Pause response

Those that know Sydney have seen her with that index finger in her mouth at one time or another. Now she is eight (8) years old and should have beat this habit. But for some reason or another it has not happened. Her dad and I have tried many things like: socks on hand strings of reminders, money, candy, hot peppers (yes, hot peppers but then she put her finger in her eye... ouch :( oh no), dentist talking to her, letting her know about braces and breaking the roof of her mouth to fix the damage she is doing to her mouth. Nothing worked. I even had a boyfriend just tell her to stop one time and she does not like him at all. Not one bit not even after we are not dating any longer.

So... Sunday morning as she was going to get in the shower, I said, "I have to do something about that finger sucking and maybe it is not getting you a car when you want to drive." Without a pause she turned around and with finger still in mouth responded, "Well, if you don't buy me a car then you will have to drive me everywhere." Then she walked into the bathroom to get into the shower.

She is correct, that is a bad way to punish her for sucking her finger. But, the more important issue is that she is eight (8) years old with that quick of a response. LOL

Should I be worried about her letting people run over her? Not one bit and even though she was quick to respond to me she didn't say it rudely but just in a comment voice. Boy, what spunk! She will be that great Environmentalist Lawyer she wants to be and will put up some great responses!

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Pittman Four said...

Well Hello Carmella...
It's Me...Kimberly Pittman (bettes)
My Anna FINALLY quit sucking her thumb...She was 8 1/2... I tried everything too. That funny little girl. We duct taped socks over her hands, used the really nasty fingernail polish (twice), duct taped her thumb down. You get the idea. Finally she said that she would quit sucking her thumb if she could shave her legs. I said to myself...8 and shaving. Not a good combo, but I was desperate and said okay. She used the nasty fingernail polish herself and quit within a month or two. i was pleasantly shocked. Though, she only shaves her legs every few months. She's 9 now. I will say it was worth it.