Monday, June 16, 2008

Duck Duck BEG

Lake Ella (a lake named after me!) is filled with ducks! Usually they are in the water swimming and begging for food. Saturday they were seeking shelter at the picnic areas. This is where they found us: Sydney, Melinda, Tatiana and I eating our Publix subs. It was an exciting experience to me. These animals that are always out of reach were right at our feet. Sometimes too close for Sydney. We had bread and they knew it! When we started feeding them they were nice. I even had a few that ate from my hand directly. Being pecked by a duck's beak was a blunt feeling against my fingers similar to an eraser hitting my fingers. However, there was a time or two that I felt more than a blunt peck. Have you ever felt the side of an Aloe Vera plant? Its side is prickly but not sharp. The inside of the ducks months felt the same way. We finished the bread and they knew it. The begging was done, the rain had stopped and they went back to the water.

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