Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where do we start? Enos....

Where do we start?
What does the spirit want me to share?
Been told that I should read scriptures and pray with him.
He is confused.
Where should he turn?
I am feeling that I have failed.
What to do?
He is on the phone telling me that he does not know about the LDS Church. He is not sure because his faimily goes to another church. What about his children. Will they feel comfortable at church? They do sometimes but not all the times. These are concerns I feel and ones he shares with me.
What is to be done?
I was in the bed going to sleep while he tells me these concerns. I get sad because the spirit told me to share the church with him. Have I not been a good enough example. Is it the wrong time or the right time for him. Well, he lives closer than any other person I have shared the gospeil with. I get in the car and take my scriptures and drive to his house while he is talking to me. I am mad. There is not dought about it.
What I start doing?
I walk inside his house and start cleaning his kitchen. I start putting dishes away and all the time he is wondering what is going on. Me, I keep cleaning. He starts to help. The kitchen gets clean.
What I did do?
We have a great conversation. He expresses his concerns and I listen. I express my concerns and he listens. We hold hands to help support each other in this difficult time.
What I did.
We read scriptures. During the day Mosiah had been a thought to read from and start from there but he had a scripture he needed to read D&C 112:10 "Be thou humble and the lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand and give thee answers to thy prayers." Whao! What an awesome prayer, but how do you do this?
I turned the pages
And it is Enos that fell open. Started reading it aloud and then I started getting choaked up and tears started flowing down my face. Emotionally I am sharing how important the scriptures are to me. We discuss how some of the scriptures are similar to the Holy Bible but important to me was that I shared my spirit with him.
Enos 1:27 And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. Amen.
We will continue to read together and grow. We ended the scriptures with a prayer that I gave and we knelt.
What will happen next?

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