Monday, June 2, 2008

A blog as a documentation of my life

That is what I had thought this blog would be about. However, I started out with too many pictures and thought I had to be extremely creative. That is not the case. So going to adjust my thoughts and writings. This past weekend, I was up in Columbus, GA celebrating my sister-in-law's (Jacie) birthday. We went to dinner at CiCi's pizza. Yeah! I got to have Mac'n Cheese Pizza, which made me feel like a kid again. Could not believe what the conversations turned into or for what reason it went in this direction but it was all too interesting. Mormon's talkin about getting drunk in CiCi's pizza was the topic. It was agreed that if Jacie or I or both were to get drunk we would be dancing on the tables. LOL!! One of the people with us said, he would not be worried about who saw him drinking but worried about what the man upstairs would think. That really makes a lot of sense. People here (on earth) worry too much about what other people will say and not about what the man in heaven will do. This was a great statement that shoud be taken to heart by everyone.

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