Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boll Weevil a pest or blessing

My work takes me all over the North FL and South Alabama. It is today that it took me to Enterprise, Alabama which is West of Dothan, AL. In a meeting with a Credit Union President, he discovered that this was my first time coming to this town. So, I needed to drive down North Main Street to see the only monument erected that celebrates an agriculture pest, the Boll Weevil. I had heard of the animal but had forgotten the reason for the celebration of this bug. So, Mr. Paul told me the background. The boll weevil was from Mexico but made its way to Alabama in the early 1900's. It was destroying complete cotton crops and someone took the opportunity to convert the area to peanut farming. This taught the farmers diversify their crops, a practice which brought new money to Coffee County, Alabama. It made people take the negative and turn it into a positive situation. Just like you hear when you have lemons turn it into lemonade. These farmers did and it has paid off. They paid off debts in the first year of the peanut crops and this has made them more successful farmers.

So, my work brought be to this little town and a prayer in my heart to get business today. It is going to happen. I have a group that I am meeting with tonight.

Just as each day goes by you have to take the good with the bad but take time to find the positive direction. During my dinner, I was reading a book that Mauricio gave me and it say.... this about emotions which can be put in with life events. "Remember, emotions themselves are neither good nor bad. They are simply our psychological response to the events of life." The Five Love Languages

So the message for today is to express your feelings of the events in life and make the choice to find the positive reason for daily experiences. Take the pest and make it a blessing!!!! :D)

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