Monday, June 16, 2008

Nascar Driver... Random Thoughts

I should drive for Nascar! I did a 360 on the road Friday! Did not hit anything except I ran off the road. Almost flipped and thought I would have know what it felt like to flip the brown truck (like my rowdy stroudy brother did).

Did not want to get out of bed this morning. So, I slept. Sydney was late for her Dance camp. She does not want to be late tomorrow is what she told me. Oh to EFFEXOR XR... I need this medicine.

Rx.... Ok my goodness. Who would have thought medicine costs so much! Oh I wish for a generic drugs.... A 30 day supply cost $112 plus tax and that is after it is covered by insurance. Dang! Oh yeah... then I had to buy another Rx that was $83 that was a one time use. But, I feel much better! My stomach is much better!

Father's Day Gift for a friend.... I did a service for a great guy friend! Yesterday was Father's Day. Here is what I did.... Bought two cards one for each of his children to give him (plus bought one for Sydney to give her dad and made sure she had something to give her dad for Father's Day). Then, at 7:45am in the morning I went to his house and got the children up to make their dad breakfast.... They made eggs, bacon and hashbrowns for him. They did great! They had a fun time doing it. It was a neat for them to spend time with their dad and do something for him because he does so much for them. So, I share this plus the fact that I made ribs, cherry clobber and had vanilla ice cream. I do this because I love him so much and hope that he will be able to find a great girl to marry someday. Someone that will care for him and honor his love! He was undescribably grateful. I share because I am excited to have someone that is so special to me that I would spend my time, money and effort on.

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rowdystroudy said...

super sweet. Horray for you!