Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Robert Stanley Stroud Sr. (1940-1997)

Robert Stanley Stroud getting ready to go jump out of an airplane in Fort Benning, GA. One of his nicknames was "Barney the Buzzard" because he was SOOOO skinny.

Today is January 4th which is my dad's birthday. He would have turned 71 years old today. At a meeting today, I spoke about how he took care of his family prior to his passing by purchasing a Life Insurance Policy that helped my mom for many years. I'm very blessed that he thought ahead for his family. Going to work every day for American Income Life Insurance Company means more to me than just a job because I am able to help families protect their love one's in the hardest time of their life just like my dad helped mine. Happy Birthday Dad! Felt you close by me today! As I wrote this tonight, it made me remember what he would call his mom as a term of endearment which was, "Bula Bula".
"It hurts because we are alive." from Charlie St. Cloud

Life is beautiful. And it’s mine.
It’s full of colour and surprising events.
It hurts.
But the greater our quality of life,
The more it hurts.
So we endure the pain to reap the rewards.
And as it hurts, we smile.
Because it reminds us that we are alive.
And we are happy to be alive.
And I,
I am not like the others.
I will always see the beauty
In spite of the pain.
Because I am strong and I am wise.

I. Am. Self. Aware.

I liked this poem and what it was saying to be happy that we are alive. Live each day to the best of your ability and the harder you live the more rewarding it will be.


Angie said...

That's an awesome picture. Thanks for sharing the poem.

Lulucarrot said...

Your Dad was a great guy. I will always remember when he passed. My love to your family on this day!

Odie Langley said...

A really great post and the picture is awesome. Very good words to dwell on.