Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chirstmas Day Skype (12/25/2010)

We have discovered Skype at our house. It was an interesting Christmas Day. Mom, Tudy and I spoke with all of the boys and their families. I left my personal laptop at home and my work one didn't have a web cam. However we were in luck that Mariwilla did except it didn't have a stand. So Cousin Bobby figured out the solution. See our makeshift web cam stand... :D)
Diet Mountain Dew Can turns into Web cam stand.

What happened on the Skype phone?
  • Aaron's call was exciting to see everyone open their presents then it seemed like we were watching through some one's eyes that had BAD GLAUCOMA.
  • David's call enabled us to all see Paisley and Audrey for the firs time and Chloe change clothes and put on her homemade (by me) princess cape however we saw more that heard because their sound kept going out.
  • Robby's call we were able to see McKenna's belly for the first time. Rob had the best clarity and sound. Kudos's to him for having the technology all set.


Hearing Aids said...

nice bloge....
thanks for sharing....

Odie Langley said...

I haven't gotten into that technology yet but am glad you had the opportunity to use it and have happy times.