Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girls Cruise to the Bahamas (1.13.11)

Went on a Cruise to the Bahamas with ladies from my neighborhood. It was a great time. Below are some things that I had the opportunity to participate. This is a summary. As I have more time, the plan is to post individual events.

The girls prior to leaving port. We had to go and learn about what to do if we have to abandon ship.
Got all dressed up at night for dinner. It was a four course meal. With my unusual eating habits, I had a few bowls of lettuce with dressing on the side. When I say bowls of lettuce, I mean just the lettuce no tomatoes nor cheese. I did have my Mineral Water every night.
We had breakfast outside a few mornings. It was nice to eat on the ship deck. I even let my hair go curly a day.
This is the girls and I in Freeport, Bahamas. It was a brisk 64 degrees there. We stopped for a few hours and went shopping. Didn't find anything worth buying.
I had Rum Nut Ice Cream in Freeport, Bahamas.
Wow, it was really yummy.

Can't go on a cruise without the towel animals. So this is me hanging out with the "swan towel" that our cabin steward, Paul. He left us a Seal, Swan, and Rabbit. Rabbit was my favorite.
We went to the Hard Rock Cafe too.

My favorite activity was the following. We fed Lory Parrot's.

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Odie Langley said...

Wonderful, we just went there back in October. We sailed out of Norfolk, VA on the 17th, was in Nasau for two days and then to Freeport. We only got off at Freeport and did a little shopping as we had been to Nasau before. We were on the Carnival Glory, What ship were you on? Great pictures. I have pictures of mine but you have to go into the archives to see them.