Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work FL

Spent the last day in Tampa, FL learning my new area. A place where I have never liked to visit but knew it would help with my new position. So, I visited it today and it was not bad. Meaning that I liked the area. What my Manager was thinking that if I wanted to move, I could move to Tampa and still be around a metro area. Being down here would put me closer to singles that believe in what I believe. It would put me closer to the beach (YEAH!). So, moving to Tampa, FL could be an option down the line one day. Not immediately but something that I could lean toward and work toward in the next five years.

Its a big area to have but I can make it work and get the numbers that I need to get into bonus status. Yes! Great place for me to be and I feel blessed.

(See the blue line.)

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