Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

(from google)

A great author! Dr Seuss wrote many tremendous books for our children. In 2005, while in Austin, TX for an Affiniscape conference there was a private showing of Dr. Seuss' work. Frank Amos and I went. He had some great skills of getting into places that other people couldn't without being invited. (Another time we skipped a huge line for a dance club in Las Vegas) Anyway, it was a great exhibit about his life and work. One fact that I still remember was he made himself a Doctor title.
So, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Sydney loves Dr. Seuss and for one of her projects in school they had to dress up like there favorite character for a project. She picked "The Cat in the Hat" to dress up like. She really looked like him too.

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