Sunday, March 29, 2009


Tonight, I feel so peaceful. My soul is calm. In life you find yourself wondering why have I walked down this path or that path. You ask yourself, what is going to come of this experience. At an early age, I had mapped out my life. I followed my goals and achieved them but was it really the path I should have gone? Yes, it was because I needed to learn certain lessons. However, it causes a bunch of heartache in the trip. Especially if it is not given to God because he is in charge. We will eventually walk the path that he, God, wants us to walk. Sometimes we feel like we are chasing our tails or running in circles.

So tonight as I write this entry, I reflect on how I have gotten to where I am today in my life and have such an overwhelming feeling of peace. I see where I have come from and can see why I walked through all I have walked through in the past 9 years. Those experiences will help me walk the next chapters in my life. Being at peace with one's life is a very fulfilling and I like it.

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iamwoman said...

such a great feeling..glad you can experience it!