Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stress and bad mood to needing sleep! A realization..

I had a very stressful day. One beyond belief. Usually in a situation of this type, I would find myself heading toward food. This was not the case today. I found myself wanting to go to sleep. Which sleep is a great thing for me because I don't get enough sometimes.

This week, I had an emotional breakdown on the phone with a friend. Their comment was that I sounded tired and I must have been burning the candle at both ends. So true. This statement sent me into my memories of days when I would get back from a 4-H camp/event and be in a bad mood. There would be fights with my family and would get statements like, "wish we had not let you go to that blah blah blah event" or "you better be nice to your family we are going to love you when no one else will" or "if you want to go to an event with 4-H again you better be nice to .....". But my question is why was I in a bad mood because I was just getting back from a great weekend. Reason being..... I was exhausted. I had played hard and was exhausted. So that playing hard and being exhausted still runs through my bones.

Now, I didn't grow out of that and sleep is important to me. Funny, just realizing this at the age of 34. Since I blogged, I will remember. So, if anyone had a bad day too.... Don't go reaching for the door to the fridge or the quick drive through for a milkshake, just go take a nap. Most Americans actually don't get enough sleep. Read this article back on March 18th, 2010 at AOL News. Happy Sleeping!


Odie Langley said...

It is amazing how much a nap will do for you when you are at the end of a rough day. Good blog Mella.

Starr said...

Cami's behavior deteriorates dramatically when she's tired. Thursday mornings (and today was no exception) are rough because she's tired after Wednesday evening Brownie group.

That photo of Syd is amazing.