Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Bk- Downtown Heritage Park, Columbus, GA

Sydney's Spring Break in March, we went to a few places. It was a journey in history and places that I love! After the MS Walk we went to Heritage Park in Downtown Columbus.

What is at Heritage Park? Heritage Park in Columbus, Georgia, is one of the most unique historical attractions in the United States. Heritage Park features a massive running water feature that duplicates the historic river as it flows through the west Georgia city. The feature includes dams, overlooks and even a steamboat tribute, all of which tell the story of how Columbus has benefited from the river over its 170 year history.

The Falls of the Chattahoochee were dammed and by the time of the Civil War the city of Columbus had become one of the few major manufacturing centers in the South. Heritage Park pays tribute to this with water features that include dams, falls and a deck area designed to resemble a paddlewheel boat. The city was once served by dozens of steamboats that made their way back and forth to Apalachicola, stopping at all points in between.

Heritage Park includes exhibits on the mills powered by the river. The park features an original brick kiln. The area is known for its high quality bricks, so evident in the historic buildings of Columbus as well as in the walkways and exhibits at Heritage Park. A favorite exhibit for many is a statue of Dr. John S. Pemberton, the man who gave the South its unofficial drink, Coca-Cola. A one-time Columbus pharmacist, Dr. Pemberton invented Coke and created a company that has been an excellent corporate partner for Columbus, donating large sums to restore one of Dr. Pemberton's houses, to build the city's outstanding Coca-Cola Space and Science Center and to assist with other projects.