Wednesday, July 1, 2009

U Pick It

We went to a farm in Bainbridge, GA where we picked our own food yesterday (June 30, 2009). Here are some of the pictures that we took. Someone asked me the other day what Era I would have liked to have been born. We discussed and agreed we were born in the best one for us. Many for different reasons. Some of the reason were: harsh living conditions, women not having a voice, lack of Civil Rights, Lack of Medicine and less advanced forms of hygiene. Yes, I do believe I was born in the best era for me. But as I was picking my veggies, I thought about how it would have been for me to be born in the early 1900's and lived a life as my Grandmother's.

When we got home, I called Tudy (Maternal Grandmother) and told her about our day. We spoke about how it was growing up for her. Boy the changes. Tudy told me about how the world changed. Yes, she has seen tremendous evolution in her lifetime. From the horse and buggy to the Model T, Man walking to flying with the Wright Brothers to Neal Armstrong walking on the Moon, she saw bits of slavery to civil rights riots and now its same sex marriages and an African American as President. I think its been said her generation is the generation of change.

Sydney picking Butter Beans or being a devil (see the little horns she made with butter beans?)
Butter Beans
I was taking the picture of the flower . As we drove around looking for Tomatoes and Okra, I discovered that the flower was Okra.
Me in the field of Okra.
Sydney picking more Butter Beans. It's the new style of picking. Lay down and pick.
Me enjoying my time with Sydney in the field.
Our 5 gallons of Tomatoes.
3 gallons of Butter Beans, Peppers and Okra.


CretoaD said...

I am very impressed with you. Are you going to do some canning now, or freeze your vegetables. I agree that we are in the right era, for I could not live without my computer!! And...I really do not want to pick my groceries either!! Keep up the good hard work!!

iamwoman said...

that is so great! I just picked off my 3 ripe tomatoes and that made me so happy--so I bet you feel awesome for getting so much! is there canning in your future??

Pittman Four said...

That is cool. To go to someone elses garden (farm) and pick. Sounds great to me. I love fresh veggies!!!!

I like the era I was born in also. The Lord just knows when it's our time! :)