Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sewing Area

Sydney has a sewing/craft area in her room.
Side View
Front View
Sydney Sewing her blanket. Another picture of Sydney sewing.
Finished Blanket
.... Sydney really likes the poodle that I sewed on it.


Pittman Four said...

Go Sydney... That's AWESOME!!!!!

:) Keep it up. It'll come in handy when you have to sew little dresses for a baby shower.
Kind of like we did for you when you were a baby. 3 little dresses for a cute little baby.

Emily Griesmyer said...

cool! wish I had a sewing area right now!

Stephanie Smith said...

Great pictures. She did a great job!

Kimberly Williams Thomas said...

Carmella, she's gotten so big! What a pretty daughter you have.

Annette Stroud said...

I love the pictures of Syd sewing. The area looks really nice. You guys have been busy!