Thursday, July 9, 2009

EFCA Debate

Well, I have always wanted to be politically active. It seems that I am getting my opportunity. I gave a presentation about the Employee Free Choice Act at a Central Labor Council this week. It was exciting to talk about what American Income Life is doing to help the working families and supporting this legislation.

After that presentation, there was an agenda item about a DEBATE. Oh how nice, I thought. There is going to be a debate about the EFCA. What a great way to discuss the pros/cons of this issue. During the meeting they spoke about needing another person. Preferably a female since the other two panelist were males. After the meeting, they have asked me to be the third panelist. Whoa! I need more information and I will do my best to be prepared to participate in my FIRST debate. Didn't know it would be so easy to get involved. It's fun!


Melinda Rutherford Matewa said...

You go girl!

Lucretia Colson said...

Congrats, have fun!!