Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Household projects?

So today, I did a simple job. It took a whole five minutes to complete. I replaced two sets of blinds in my house. One set in Sydney's room and the other in the bathroom. They look okay. But what I have discovered is that I really want to finish up some projects around the house and put a bit of Carmella into the house. While shopping at Tuesday Mornings this week looking for discounted yarn, I found a decorating book. It is my style of decorating. It's a very distinct style. I'm a white wash simple patterns kinda girl. However in my home that is not what I have. I have bold Burgundy's, greens and some blue. I'm not a pastel person but not a bold person either. A more 20's/70's style but not vintage. Add a rustic feel also. What I have found in this book is some patterns that I can sew myself. I can make some cute chair covers and curtains. I even found an awesome idea for a quilt/blanket. Now that I am discovering my style again, I will be able to center my decorating. Which can be unfocused for me. The book reminded me of making an inspiration wall which is what Emily G. taught my Young Women one time at a Wednesday night activity and recently saw that my SIL, Carrie, has one too. Guess I need to concentrate on what I really do like and try to start coordinating. You think I can paint my Grandmother's Mahogany Bedroom suit? Well, one step at a time. Get all the wall and curtains done then think about furniture. The book is called, Decorating easy: Create a simple, comfortable home with pure style. The great thing also is that I got it for $4.99. Great book and great inspiration for me to put Carmella into my home.


iamwoman said...

see? You have always said you never knew your style or if you even had one because decorating wasn't your THING. Guess what? It's everyone's thing!
It is really important to make your home a reflection of yourself. It's your sanctuary, Yay! Now go do it!!

Jolene Hueber said...

they look okay... then take them back! Silly girl. None for me today but I did just put in three truck loads of dirt and three loads of gravel rocks in the back yard around the trees... no more projects for me. Now, I have to keep up with all these flower beds.... EEKK!

Phyllis R. Garrett said...

Laundry, dusting, litter box - do they count as household? Ripping up the carpet in the back room and tiling the floor - next project for me.