Friday, January 23, 2009

Ughhhh, bummed

So, I really try to stay positive in my thoughts but today I am sad.

There are great experiences going on in my life. But today I got some news about a great friend of mine that I work with is going to do something different and going to work with another company. It made me sad for myself because they inspire me and make me push myself. Not that I don't push myself enough but it gave an extra energy in the room when they were there. (Now, I am excited from a friend point of view because now they are going to do their life passion. They figured out why there are here on earth and are going for it! That part is amazing they have found that answer and I am happy for them.)

Funny part was today someone was snapping back at me about calling them and I responded to them... You don't have to get rude, I was trying to help. Which I wouldn't have done, but I became bolder this week. LOL

Now the other item that has bothered me is having to go to bed by myself to a lonely empty bed. This feeling goes in cycles. Sometimes I am okay with it but with it being cold, I have found myself sleeping on the couch some this week. I think if anyone asks me when I am older what was the hardest thing that I did in my life, it will have to be a single mom. Thank goodness for mom's, sisters, friends and boyfriends. Dang it is hard. All you married moms that stay at home and complain about the kids or how much your husband needs your help. You are lucky! You get to see your kids and you get to share the bed with someone. You get to share problems about money, broken down cars, share memories and pick up the kids after school. Its amazing how you have dreams and you can work toward them and then life happens. (however, not wish to be back in that other marriage... )

Now, that I said this, I feel much better.... Should be good for a month or so... Uplifted! :D)

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iamwoman said...

you are so right..I have no idea how you do it! I got a taste of single life when I was in Seattle and Aaron was down here, and it was SO HARD. Yes--I do complain, but I do get to share my life with someone. However, I DO believe he is still out there for you..... One day you will look back and instead of saying the hardest thing was being a single mom, you will say "I did it!"
love you!

Thanks for letting us barge in last night!