Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Pretty Gals, oh to the shed

As I was looking at my blog today, it came to my mind that this is for Sydney and me. So, the header was changed to reflect both of us. To involve Sydney, I asked her what the theme should be and she came up with, "Two Pretty Girls" which I changed the "Girls" to "Gals" and we have been created!

Still we are "The Magnolia Cafe" which has never been explained on this blog. But, the name comes from the street we live on in Quincy, FL. But most importantly, it is from Sydney's shed she has used in the back as a playhouse and mini diner. She had a table/chairs, kitchen, bathroom and TV plus a full length mirror and bar for ballet practice. She was helped by Gam-Mommy to set it up. But as time went by she stopped playing in it and she claimed it was because of the tiny lizards who came to visit. Well, we just cleaned out this shed and have sold it to a neighbor. We won't be playing in it any longer. As a reminder, I took a picture of the sign we has posted on the door.

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Anonymous said...

Closing the Magnolia Cafe is a sign of the economy, how sad. I am proud you and how you handle adversity and the support that Syd. has given you.. Love, Mom