Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bye bye to Primary... :o(

After 6 weeks in primary as the chorister, I have a new calling. It was made official today at church. Now, I am 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. This is a new calling that I look very forward to learning more about because I have never done anything in the Relief Society leadership.

But, I wanted to blog my experience of Primary music... LOVE IT! When I was called to this, I was terrified but learned to implement my Admin of Recreation and Leisure degree to work with the children. They were learning the songs and they were having fun! At "The Crazy Chorister Blog" (, I found this idea and used it for my Singing Time. Here are the props I was beginning to use in "I Lived in Heaven" below.

On the first Sunday that I did the Singing Wheel, the children found it awesome! Even after we had finished, the Sunbeams walked up and spun the wheel. It was loved that much. It was really cute to seem them enjoy something that much.

"Sydney STORY"
Sydney and I were staying in the hall at church. She turned to a friend and said, "You should see my mom's wheel, it is really cool." My thoughts were, why is she telling someone that they should see "My Will" because it is not any of their business." Then she explained herself a bit better with, your "Singing Wheel" mom. LOL

Close up of the "Singing Wheel"
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3


iamwoman said...

Oh wow, that was a short visit to Primary! Can I have your wheel now?

Anonymous said...

The wheel is adorable and I loved the Crazy Chorister web site. Do you know of a web site for YW? Love you, Mom