Sunday, July 20, 2008

In The Field

Thursday was my last day working as a Public Relations Director and the first day as an Insurance Agent. I went out in the field all by myself and made a deal on my first night. During training they kept saying that when you are in the field and explain the program you will begin to say to one's self, "they really need this." That is exactly what happened. The person really needed it and they got it! It is a really fulfilling career that I have just started.

It is going to take sometime to get my presentation and interpersonal relationships tuned it. I need to tune into the person in the first 5 minutes which is something sometimes hard for me. But, I am listening to books to improve my skills. As Zig Ziglar says, I am taking an investment in "Automobile University."


rowdystroudy said...

horray for you!

Pittman Four said...

good luck!!!
Everyone needs insurance, Now it's your job to make them realize that!!!