Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gold level (moving up)

Today Sydney swam in the Gold level swimming group. She started on the swim team in the summer at the Bronze level. Then when school started she moved was moved up to Silver level. Then on Monday she was asked if she wanted to try the Gold level. So she tried it out today. She liked it and Coach Gerry said she did well. So she will try on Friday. One additional activity is that now she is has land drills. The land drills are strength exercises.

I'm very proud of her and her swimming is helping her self esteem and getting her body the best type of exercise. She is getting tall too. She was 5 foot 1inch last month but I think she has hit another growth spell.

She will be swimming in AgeGroup very soon. Yahoo! This is exciting for me too. I wanted to swim on a team in HS but we didn't have a team. This activity is going to really help her to develop into a healthy teenager and then adult.

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