Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Change your Story, from a Diet Coach

There are life coaches, career coaches and now diet coaches (DC). A friend of mine (BF for the story) is going to a Diet Coach. I'm really excited that BF is going to the DC and already see changes in BF's decisions of eating. I'm really glad to hear that she is taking control of her life and getting her diabetes under control and facing up to herself. It is so good to have a person work with you in life sometimes. We can get misdirected and they tell us what we need to do to get focused again. I have started to see every now and then we like to be told what to do. When I work my Child Safety Events, I have started to say, "Come on over here". I size up the person before I say and more often than not they come over. This can be like us in our lives too. When we get off our path there are people to help us get back in line. We all need a good "chewing out" or "kick in the pants" every now and then.

So when BF went to see the diet coach, she was given some "golden" advice. She hadn't lost any weight that week and in fact gained 1 1/2 pounds. BF gave an excuse, "I had a stressful week" to her DC. This is when the DC stepped onto her soap box. The DC told BF, that this excuse was not accepted in there anymore that she needed to "CHANGE her story". That we can't use things to be a crutch in our lives. That we all have weakness and need to turn them into our strengths. She was told to focus on changing her story. The next day, I went to a school for children with Dyslexia and on a wall it had a list of people who had ADD/ADHD and a list of people with Dyslexia. I read those list and saw where those people had taken a weakness and turned it into a strength. The best example on there was Jim Carrey, wow, he a wild one. He turned his ADD into a strength and is one of the great comedians of his time. Others were, Whoopi, JFK, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Elvis!, Hitchcock and to see more go here.

So if you are using excuses to hold you back look at these people and see what they have done with their problem by turning them into strength. My BF is taking a picture of a body she likes and putting her face on it. It is going to be a visual reminder to her.

NOW if you are using excuses for something in your life that is holding you back, then "Change your story".

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