Friday, November 27, 2009

Decorated for Christmas

I started decorating early for Christmas because I wanted Sydney to participate. She and I got some of it setup before she went to her Dad's for Thanksgiving. I finished the rest. Here are the pictures of my house. Still have the outside to get done and put the Santa with Palm Trees.
Gotta have the Angel!We are using the socking we made a few years ago with our names. I am glad that we made them.My homemade ceramics.
Sydney's Nativity Scene that her Gam-Mommy will be giving her another figurine this year. Thinking it will be one of those three Wisemen. I like how this sits on my Japanese shelf.
This year, I decided to decorate simpler. So, instead of the 15 piece ceramic Nativity Scene that I made only displaying Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
The decorated Christmas Tree. It has my seashells and all of the yearly ornaments we have collected over the years. This year I had purchased Sydney's in the Fall but now I need to find her a different one because she has chosen to not play soccer at all and stick strong with swimming (Love she is enjoying swimming so much).This is a new addition to the decorations. When Aaron and Carrie moved back to Seattle, they gave me these Silver Trees. I had a silver angel and garnet candle that I could put together. It looks contemporary in my usually traditional decorations. But, I like the new touch!