Monday, April 6, 2009

Noche de hogar (Spanish for FHE)

Sunday Sydney and I went to Noche de hogar yesterday which was really fun. We were at the church watching General Conference and when we go to the church to watch it there is maybe two other people there. Well at the 4pm session, there was twelve (12) other people that showed up. They showed up because it was Noche de hogar at 6pm so they decided to watch at the church and not be late to Noche de hogar. So, when General Conference was over we stayed. Since the ward is half English/half Spanish speaking we do translated events. Noche de hogar is one of those. We had a lesson on being in the world but not of the world where we need to put the Full Armor of God on which was given by Brother Decembrino. Brother Rodriguez did the translating. Much of it was said in Spanish and then translated into English which was a change from English to Spanish like it is done for Sacrament services. After the lesson we played domino's, Mexican style told jokes and ate. I took some pictures (Tried to add a bit of artsy to these pictures like Carrie Stroud does to her pictures.)

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