Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Shopping Spree

So, I took my money made from the yard sale and went shopping. It was fun! Really fun. Haven't been shopping in such a long time. The best part was the size of the clothes was one size down.

Walked into Talbot's and they had a sale... Sale items were an additional 40% off. Bought one item not on sale which is the cream Cami under the coral sweater. The best part of the spending was the customer service you get in Talbot's. It is a pleasant experience when someone helps you shop. When they ask you what you are looking for or taking the clothes to the dressing room and getting different sizes to try on.

Yeah! Here is what I bought....
3- pair pants, 1- skirt, 3- shirts, 2-pair Crocs, 1- Givenchy perfume (new scent)

My Cool New Crocs!!!

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