Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Chapter in Life

Was thinking about the chapters in my life today. As we walk through life we use the phrase, "when a door closes a window opens". So, I am excited about this new chapter in my life. As I look back at what doors have closed in my life and the windows opened, I realize how God is in control. When I was walking through those hard times in my life, it is hard to see the light until I had walked through whatever it is that I needed to learn. I thank my Heavenly Father for those lessons that I have learned and know that there is learning everyday. That I can take this knowledge and apply to my future. It is also my hope that I realize the blessings as they are happening and can see the lessons that I am learning too.

As this new chapter begins, I am excited. It is important to remember who is in charge, Heavenly Father. I feel blessed and ready for this new step in my life and to wherever it takes me.
I welcome this NEW CHAPTER in my LIFE.

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